About Us


Academic Bank for College and University Students of Uttar Pradesh (ABACUS-UP) is a student-centric academic service portal established and managed by Higher Education Department of Government of Uttar Pradesh. It paves the way for seamless student mobility amongst and within degree-granting Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) of U.P., through a formal system of credit recognition, credit accumulation, credit transfer and credit redemption, with the view to promote distributed and flexible teaching-learning.

Faculty Members & students can become its account holders and avail the options of multiple exit, entry and credit transfer, thereby facilitating their mobility across state’s HEIs. ABACUS-UP is a platform which also provides all the information about Infrastructure, Labs, Equipments, Sports etc. as well as the teaching faculty of any HEI to the stakeholders so that students can explore and exercise informed choices before admission. ABACUS-UP provides login credentials to all the students, teachers and officials of HEIs for transparent and smooth information sharing. This facilitates information exchange and resource-sharing among various HEIs. The platform will be linked to Diglocker to enable the students to download their certificate, diploma and degree when required.