We have 5 different types of user profiles who can interact with this system namely:-

  2. University
  3. College
  4. Faculty
  1. Students


All these user profiles have different logins and different roles allotted to them as per their designations and they interact with the system accordingly.

Roll of Nodal officer of the University:-

Nodal Officer University login only performs data uploading for state/ private university campuses. Only if it gets approved by registrar of the same university and it cannot perform any data approval also it can upload data for universities whose data is not uploaded by registrar and only one of the two authorities (either registrar or nodal officer university) can perform data uploading and once either one of the two authorities started uploading data then the other one will get restricted to perform that activity anymore for that particular state/private university campus.


Roll of Registrar of the University:-

Registrar role is to do approval of data on several levels as well as uploading data for State and Private University campuses.

Registrar approve following type of data:-

1. College Data

2. Faculty Data

3. Student Data

4. Logins of Principals, Managers/Secretary, Nodal Officer University.

Roll of Vice Chancellor of the University:-

Data for Registrar gets approved by Vice Chancellors of their respective universities and once data gets approved its login credentials are generated and sent on mobile number registered for this designation.